Trevor Giles

Known for his multi-instrumental approach to singer-songwriter material Giles loves the jam band scene, but writes in genres not limited to jazz, folk, blues, rock, classical, and new age.
If you love all kinds of music then a sure enjoyment is to be had sitting and listening to a set of Trevor’s music.

As he puts it, ” I don’t believe in trying to fit into one specific genre.”, Although most anyone would say he does fit into the alternative genre, and even he himself would have to agree. A performance though from Giles is to stretch the limits of your “box” by having you listen to an upbeat gritty blues song followed by a peaceful piano ballad so that when you try to compare the two you can clearly hear and feel the distinctly different roots from which Trevor draws his knowledge of music.
An appreciation for all music and it’s origins is the goal and I think Trevor Giles is on the road to sharing this.